Ann Arbor Preschool @ Allen ▪ Ann Arbor Preschool @ Thurston

Early Bird Discount! Enroll by May 31 to save $50/month.

Drop by with your child to a Preschool Open House:

▪ Allen Elementary – Thursday, April 20, 6-7 pm

Allen’s open house will be held at the Westerman Preschool & Family Center, 2775 Boardwalk

See these preschoolers in action on the Teachers’ Blog. 

To arrange a personal tour, please contact us by sending an email or completing this form. See also the FAQ.


…a shining example of the excellence that can be achieved in preschool education.
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I congratulate you on creating such an amazing preschool program, possibly the best in the city of Ann Arbor.

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This program is truly exceptional: well-organized, intelligent and full of love and fun…All preschool programs should be this intelligent!
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 Questions? Please email or call us at (734) 994-2252.